Saturday, 6 July 2013

(Faux Leather Bralet- Bardot, Wet Look Skirt- Supre, Necklace- Lovisa, Shoes- TopShop)

It has been just about forever since I've walked into a Supre store, I'm talking like 4 years at least. I think one reason why I like supre is that they have sizes down to 3XS. Literally I have a small waist so I never find clothes that fit me and even if they do fit me it's always too long making my legs look uber short. These heels are probably one of my favourites right now I wear them almost everyday. Initially I wanted them in white but it was already in the last chance to buy by the time I came across them, however now I love the black version just as much.

At the moment I'm sitting in an apartment in Tokyo, Japan with the joy of air conditioning in this humid weather. It is seriouslyとてもあついです(very hot). We spent today walking around Shibuya visiting Tokyo Hands, H&M and Forever 21 only with Mos Burger for lunch. I thought I'd go cray cray shopping on the first day but amazingly I was able to keep my cool only spending about $90 (YAY!). We didn't have enough time to go everywhere as we had to be back at the apartment to receive a package since my sister put the wrong address, but I'm sort of glad because I probably would have spent a whole lot more.

Until next time!

Ceememore. x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

(Top, Cami, Heels - Topshop, Shorts - Mink Pink, Watch - Guess Watches, Necklace - Lovisa)

FINALLY some decent weather! For those who don't live in Sydney it's been horribly cold and non-stop rain for what seems like forever but is literally a week. I'm so happy that the sun has decided to grace us with it's presence this week and hopefully when I get back from my holiday *excited*

Okay so I really don't usually go for sparkled clothing but when I first saw this top I was like "oh...pretty". When you walk into a store and you see something new your first impression is most likely going to be "like" or "don't like". Of course when you work in retail it's a different story. Give it at most a week of seeing it around the store and you're like 'OMG GO AWAY' however for an odd reason my head was going 'OMG JUST BUY IT'. Funny how that result ended with the top never being worn and sitting at the corner of my wardrobe...for months.

Tsk. Impulse buys eh? :)

Ceememore. x

Monday, 3 June 2013

So it's been awhile and I'm excitedly counting down the days until I go on my family holiday to Japan!! I'm literally cooping myself up at home trying not to go out and spend any money...horrible timing with all the end of financial year sales coming this week *cries*

Quite a while ago in February I went to the Gold Coast and I completely forgot about this video that I posted up onto youtube on my trip. I was a bit annoyed that I didn't really have much footage to use and that majority of the footage I had was all Sea World. HOWEVER! There are bits and pieces here and there of some of the things that my bub and I did so Enjoy :)

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