Thursday, 12 April 2012

Late Wednesday

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As I fell asleep at 4am in the morning I woke up from an amazing dream (yet slightly random as most dreams tend to be). Involved were a "famous" group of boys, a bud of romance between one of the boys and myself, paparazzi, millions of fan girls crazily yelling and hysterically bawling their young teeny eyes out. Sounds like a fantasy many girls have (yes 1D lovers I'm talking about YOU). The craze over this british boy band, whom I have never listened to, completely invaded my mind all day yesterday. And I really do mean ALL DAY. From radio, twitter, the news, newspapers, magazines and even facebook an all day SPAM about these boys.

But enough about dreams and "those boys" this is what I got up to on yesterday's grey day. (Please excuse the excessive use of my Iphone camera...I'm a horrible saver that spends her money impulsively.. One day though I'll be wise enough to save for a decent camera!)
Coat&Fur Shawl: Forever New (
Satchel Bag: Forever New (
Fur Scarf: Forever New (

One of my ultimate favourite stores Forever New ( opened a new store at World Square.

Sydney Harbour

Umbrellas Right: Forever New (From $19.99)
Umbrella's bottom left: Oroton (On sale at David Jones Market St for around $45)
Umbrella's top left: Esprit (2012 Umbrella Catalogue)

As many of my friends know I have a MAJOR obsession with umbrellas (especially Oroton).

Absolutely inappropriate however where these sneaky things were found was even more inappropriate!

 As I was walking down towards Chinatown on Sussex street I headed into a Korean boutique called Puzzlism. I tend to always find myself entering this store as they always seem to have the cutest range of clothing (at ridiculous prices should i add) and accessories. There was one section in particular that I found oddly strange to find in this store, as it is mainly stocked with women's clothing, CONDOMS. At first glance I thought they were some sort of candy, as one would think from such brightly coloured packagings, however as I stared at it for a few minutes trying to figure out what it actually was I finally came across the words "CONDOM" in small english print on the packaging. There's many other different types of peculiar 'products' that I won' dare to mention.

As I contemplate about heading out I leave with one of my favourite quotes.

Love C2M. x

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