Sunday, 27 May 2012


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Amongst the events of this week one of the biggest highlights would have to be my early anniversary presents from my lover. That day started after work when we decided to head to "somewhere" that should have been a surprise to me. Unfortunately I know my streets of Sydney and guessed we were heading to Tiffany & Co at Martin Place. EXCITING!

In the end there was a toss up between three different necklaces.
Here's the final choice! Meaning > Price

The next day I was in non-stop awe at the pet shop eye-ing the dogs and cats in action. I've found it quite amusing that a lot of other bloggers are amazing animal lovers, and from some of the other fellow bloggers out there, it's mainly cats. I'm torn between cats and dogs when ever asked which one I prefer. It's impossible for me to answer!

We named this one Simba. I think it was a suitable name considering it kept standing at the edge of its cushion over looking to the other ends of the store. HAKUMA MATATA!

This one kept giving me the eye...I don't think it liked me :(

Love. C2M. x

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