Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Catch Up

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So I've been absent from the world of blogging and I apologize as it fell as a result of my inability to keep up with my university work. OVERLOAD!

Anyways! Last Friday, 11th May, I got a chance to head up to the Royal Hall of Industries and empty my wallet in designer discounted goods. Major thank you to the girls from The Iconic for complimentary tickets!

Was it worth it? I'd definitely say so. But I did manage to spend a good $168 on myself while my boyfriend was immensely bored having been dragged to accompany me ♥. 
Definitely looking forward to next years after experiencing this years.

(Valerie Tolosa Blouse $15, Stylestalker Jacket $20, Stylestalker 'fashion top' $30, Lolitta Skirt $15, The Cassette Society black shorts $15, Motel Rocks Shorts 2 for $50, Napoleon Perdis Pre-Foundation Primer $23)

Along the week I found numerous interesting objects/things.

1. Kate Middleton and Prince William on a 20 cent coin. To be honest I found it quite hilarious at first glance, I didn't expect to see that on a coin in my purse.

2. Extra large cutlery. And I do mean EXTRA.

3. I can't wait to get my own apartment and have these sitting somewhere. LOVE IT!


If you have NEVER tried Ben & Jerry's ice cream then you are missing out! These little but pricey numbers are absolutely AMAZING, and there are other different flavours to choose from! They are absolutely de-lish, my favourite flavour being the Strawberry Cheesecake. Definitely head out and buy one of these!

No outfit post for today due to limited free time but I'll be back soon!

(Zara bag, Coles patterned tights, Freelance Boots)

Love. C2M

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