Saturday, 19 May 2012

Make A Wish

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Lately we've been waking up to cold freezing mornings, for us Aussie's that is. It has the ability to keep you in bed for that 15minutes more, before actually forcing yourself to endure the cold as you quickly dress yourself. Then after you're dressed you either take your time doing everything else too lazy and not wanting to even open your bedroom door into the open winter cold or rush as fast as you can so that you can jump back into bed and absorb the warmth for even the 10-15 minutes that you have left.

As a result I've been spending 10-15minutes before class on the lawns of my university by myself and just spreading myself out on the grass absorbing the sun. I've never missed summer so much! As I write this post even I'm in my backyard sitting in the sun. How do you spend your mornings?

So early this morning I went to work with the boyfriend at 8am and slept in his car in the staff parking until 9am . Good ol' sleep. Anyways! This is what I got up to!

All week I've been suffering from an empty wallet. How did this happen!?! Oh wait...Fashion Weekend. However the greatest time of the week is...PAY DAY!

Ending tomorrow is Forever New's Further 40% off Sale items! Definitely go check it out, especially those who are very petit in size like moi as the Mid City store seems to have many size 4 and 6's left!

I managed to find amongst the stock the last pair of these Jeans at the Braodway store in a size 6. Consequence? I THINK NOT!

These were Originally $79.99, reduced to $59.95 WITH a further 40% off totalling at...$35.97! ...And they're 71% Cotton!

One of the most important purchases I've made this week

The Make-A-Wish Australian Foundation is an organisation that has a mission,
 "To grant the wishes of children and young people with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy."

To help contribute to the future of those children and young people head to your nearest Sass & Bide Store and purchase a Sass & Bide Limited Edition Star necklace! They're ONLY $25 and come in Fluro Pink, Citrus and Orange and also available from Sass & Bide at Myer. So make your contribution now and help make another person's wish come true! :)

Love. C2M. x

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