Sunday, 6 May 2012

Missing Laundry

Have you ever put something into the wash and never gotten it back? Having it lost amongst your family's clothes or mixed up with your siblings? On many occasions I am a victim to missing laundry. Awhile ago I bought three pairs of Calvin Klein Micro Fibre socks submitting them all at once into the wash, only to find back in my possession one pair. My curiosity goes to my mother who generously washes my family's clothing only however miss placing a few pieces here and there. On another occasion I went out and purchased a cheap, yet warm, pair of track pants that would be quite convenient to wear to sleep in this winter chilled weather. However due to a miss adventure in the laundry did I never get them back. Did i mention this was only a few days after it's purchase?

So today I headed to David Jones, Lower Ground Floor, and purchased yet another pair of Calvin Klein socks however this time they were 47% Cotton, 36% Viscose, 15% Polyamide and 2% Elastane as there were no more Micro Fibre seen on the floor. On a plus side they do have a little sparkle CK on them!

At the moment I am cringing to the sound of my neighbours excessive loud music that loops about the same melody over and over again like two lines off a manuscript except manipulated into a disgusting hardcore hard-style cross techno hullabaloo. (Appreciation to my year 4 primary teacher for excessively using the word 'hullabaloo' a word that now sticks in my vocabulary)

On a positive note, here's one of my favourite buys this week. Since I have such tiny fingers, when I do find a ring that fits me I always impulsively buy it, a case of being fun size!

 ( Lovisa Ring! )

Love C2M. x


  1. I always love finding other great Aussie blogs! that lovisa ring is such a delight! x

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      On another note, I absolutely dig your style! AMAZING! :)


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