Monday, 18 June 2012

Dress Ups

The last post before I took my immensely long disappearance I gave a sneak peak to what would have been another outfit post. Unfortunately due to my laptop crash I lost the photos that were meant to be posted up! So I thought I'd reinvent the outfit, though, minus the stockings, socks and metallic heels and reshoot it in my ever great bedroom.

(Blouse: Valerie Tolosa, Skirt: Lolitta, Bracelets: Lovisa)

(Cape: Forever New)

P.S Please ignore the large Mashi Maro toy to the right, my just visible Minnie Mouse bed covers & my posters of Montana Cox :)
Until tomorrow!

Love, Ceememore. Xx


  1. That Forever New cape is awesome =)
    Where'd you get your Montana posters from?

    1. It's one of my favourite capes!
      The posters are from work, dug through the back cupboards to find these since they were going to be thrown out.

      Sorry for the delayed reply!



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