Monday, 18 June 2012

I'm Sorry!

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It has been majorly long since I've posted and I'm truly sorry! A few weeks ago when I actually had time to create a post the worst nightmare of internet issues crashed down on me. It was horrible! I was becoming agitated from not being able to blog!

Anyways! So a brief summary of what I've been up to for the last 4 weeks (Oh dear lord that's nearly a month!). I caught the typical winter cold, I said farewell to a dear friend as she returned back home to Hong Kong, I shopped(obviously something daily in my life), I celebrated the boyfriend's birthday, I went back to school for the annual 'Cultural Diversity Assembly', I procrastinated watching an old children's cartoon that I secretly enjoy, and I obviously worked to get the $$ that disappears at a rapid pace from my bank account! Now coming up this week is the dreadful EXAMS.

Disregarding my long gone sickness, going back to school was completely nerve racking...
Who knew what that was..Hahaha..
At my high school we have multiple committees. I was involved in the 'cultural diversity committee (as surprising as that may be) where we held each year an assembly filled with performance 'expressing' the different ethnicities amongst the students in my school.

 I have to be honest...this years was the most hilarious performance, A for effort girls!

It was also a great day to catch up with some of the girls!

Love, C2M. Xx

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