Monday, 24 September 2012

Pink Lady

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It's now a 10 day countdown until the opening and it is going to be busy busy busy! For the next few weeks there might be a lot of MIA from the blogging from having been rostered on nearly EVERYDAY for the first two opening weeks. I hope you're all as excited as I am!

On top of all the excitement I've been overly excited at the results of GUESS watches competition One To Watch being chosen to be an official blogger for Guess Watches! A seriously BIG thank you to those who voted for me in the first round and getting me through to the semi-finals. I can't wait to receive all the details and start. I just hope with all the Topshop chaos I'll time to dedicate to Guess watches as well, fingers crossed!

Okay! So a little about today's outfit.
I've been going through the million of hard drives that we have digging out old movies that I used to love and watching them like a non-stop marathon. Grease is seriously still one of my favourite movies. It brings back memories to primary school where there were always themes and sing-a-longs and literally EVERYONE knew the lyrics. Tell me more! Tell me more!  Not many people realise there's a second movie as well, although to be honest it is not great at all. Awks. Anyways! So I took vintage and pink and decided hey hey hey PINK LADY! Ok I'm seriously just making this up...OR AM I!?

Blouse - Vintage (Nothing you can't find at Vinnies!), High-Waisted Navy Disco Shorts - American Apparel, Heels - Wittner, Fashion Knee High Socks - Silks

love Cass!


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