Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flower Crown

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So I've been seriously digging the flower crown trend and love seeing everyone else's DIY crowns, gawking and thinking to myself "I WANT ONE TOO!". I 'attempted' and in all honesty, it was not successful. I'm seriously thinking of resorting to Topshop's flower crowns or even one of their headbands that makes me feel like the Statue of Liberty.

Cropped top - Sportsgirl, Denim Shorts - Bardot, Heels - Jeffery Campbells, Flower Crown - DIY

It's been such a busy week. I'm absolutely exhausted! It's been so long since I've stood on my feet for like 8-10 hours each day and boy are my feet aching. Just the other day it came to the point where I could feel a pulse through my feet. Some freaky business there. What was even more freaky was having a dream about my feet being in so much pain. You seriously don't want to hear that tale, I told my boyfriend and he was all like "SAY WAHHHH?".

Moving on! I finally got my package from Guess watches! *jumps around* And I seriously can't wait to start on my first post! I'm still deciding which topic to pick although I believe I'm leaning in towards looking at street style. I'll be taking my Loki out to the city or wherever I feel like taking a journey to and snapping YOUR style. Can't wait!

That's all for now!

love Cassie!

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