Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just Lazy

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The last few weeks has seriously become busy busy busy with work work and work. Now that the hype has calmed down a few notches hours have been cut and I'm seriously becoming a lazy bum again. I mean literally. It's eat, sleep, lay in bed forever and never ever leave except for trips up to the fridge or the bathroom. On top of all this I've been honestly indulging in the typical asian activities such as reading manga and watching anime's and drama's. GREAT. It's completely not a bad thing but I'm a MAJOR sucker for romance and once I start there is...NO END.  I've read about 5 manga's up to their recent chapters, watched 2 japanese movies, 3 anime's up to their recent episodes, one drama...seriously I'm becoming obsessed. That's how badly I love love LOVE romance stories.

Above all one of the best things I get to do on a day off work is lay out in the backyard and tan out in the warm summer's sun. Of course on the days that the sun decides delightfully greets us on. Tomorrow's another day off and another hopefully sunny 28 degrees! Hallelujah!

 Playsuit - ASOS, Watch - Thanks to GUESSwatches, Eyewear - ShopJeen, Necklace - Tiffany&Co, Shoes - BanBans from Wanted ($20!), Bracelets used as Anklets - Colette 

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