Wednesday, 3 October 2012


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It's becoming official! Topshop Sydney is opening it's doors to the public in less than 24hours! Who's ready cash/card in bags ready to wake up early and line up on market/george street and trample all the brand new Topshop stock in store?

I've seriously been gawking over everything in the store while being a busy bee setting the store up for you guys. I'm scared yet excited at the same time. Excited because I mean come's TOPSHOP! and scared because of the flocking of fashionista's that will be entering the store at one time thinking that i'll be flabbergasted (i love that word) and pinned to the floor. Dear lord please let me know what I'm doing so that it'll be smooth sailing for you guys!

So one of the most exciting yet frustrating events of the week was purchasing our uniforms. You have no idea how frustrating it was! Only 6 of one product would be purchased and being in like the 8th session there really wasn't much to choose from. Also the limiting of 5 items that we were allowed to purchase and on top of that for me was the annoying factor that I'm so darn small that nothing fitted. NIGHTMARE!

Metallic D/Back Tank $50 & Textured Bodycon Skirt $31 - Topshop

Important! The QVB entrance to the store will NOT be open during the first few hours of trading.

It's all happening and it's EXCITING! Can't wait to see you guys there!

love Cassie

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