Monday, 8 April 2013


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Even though I wasn't attending shows all day I still felt exhausted towards the near end, possibly due to the heels. Above all you seriously can't stay away from the hype that goes around the shows. I had just about jitter bugs and inside fan girl moments being metres away from the likes of Bryan Boy, Nicole Warne, Tommy Ton, Susie Bubble and many other fashion influencers on site. I felt like an annoying pap that was flying around snapping like a retard. Hehe.

As the week progresses I feel we'll be seeing less and less platform heels walking around.

Today I had the joy of attending White Sands and Roopa Pemmaraju.

White Sands collection seriously made me miss the summer heat. I just wanted to slap on a bikini, head for the beach and lay out in the sun. Unfortunately we've been cloudy and almost grey clouds to remind us winter is coming. Time to bring out the parkas and trench coats and layer like crazy!

Roopa Pemmaraju was seriously gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes away. Knowing that I wouldn't ever be able to pull of any of these looks, I seriously enjoyed gawking eye-widededly at these amazing pieces.

One of my favourite outfits from Roopa Pemmaraju.

Can't wait for tomorrow's hectic schedule to come and the joy of running between university and fashion week. Hope I stay alive!

See you tomorrow!

Ceememore x

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