Cee Me More By Cassendra Lam Han
(Pronounced See Me More)

19 Years Old.
Sydney, Australia.
Blogging since April 2012

I'm usually shy but I can be loud. I do wish I was taller so that maxi skirts and maxi dresses weren't an issue. I do wish I could wear trousers or pants without looking short and stubby. I wish my feet weren't so small so I wouldn't have to resort to the children's section. I find it impossibly difficult to find clothes that fit me and to reach clothing on the second rails above the first (especially at work). However although I'm vertically challenged I still wouldn't change a thing.

I love bright colours and smile about 95% of the time (unless I'm day dreaming). I love cats and I love dogs, but I am scared of dogs that are bigger than me especially my neighbours' dog that runs at me each time i walk past. I love anything thats bling, floral, with ribbons or bows. I love weirding and embarrassing my friends and hubby for example randomly lunging as I walk. I love quoting Russell Peters (Comedian), Big Bang Theory (Television Show) and the annual Japanese "No Laughing" Batsu Games (Comedy- seriously funny I recommend watching the recent ones). 

Me Me Me Me Me that's all you're reading right now...well this page is titled "About Me" for a reason!
I feel like a rambled on too much though (hehe).

If for any reason you have questions you want to ask or just need to vent out anything on your mind or you just want to talk to happy o me, feel free to holla!

Email me at lamhanc@hotmail.com 


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